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CrAzY WiSdOm MoNtHlY
The Fool and The Jester

Man oh man wait until we tell y’all what happened here at the CWM Compound.

Seems our arch enemy “DizzyD” dressed up like the Fool and the Jester for All Hallows Eve and tried to tamper with this installment of CWM!  We Caught him in time but are still printing his embarrassing ramblings:

            "Hay Jakazzes it’s me the Fool and the Jester,(I’m really Andy and I like mens) So Evbery one needs to know how awesome Dizzy d is! He is so cool, cooler then Backstreet boys and Boyz from Chiorn’s Ferry,plus he totally doesn’t beat himself off while pretending to be getting it from Rickey Martin.  Magpie !!!Ufo!!! Plus you should love him because no one does and he needs real love that doesn’t cost 40 dollars an hour."

The rest is even worse.


A photo of Mao Tse Tung getting’ busy with a giant marshmallow.


An Open letter to Mr. Spike Lee:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi! We just saw your new joint

bamboozled, and weren’t sure if we liked it or not, so we are writing to you to ask.

Did we like this movie? At first it was funny and every one of all colors was laughing, then it turned scary and people left, you can’t get a point across to people if they leave!!!

            Maybe you could make a moving picture about a man in blackface who sells his soul to the devil and call it “Bamdazzled!”  Now I would go see that!

Have a sincere day,

The fool and the Jester

Once again we offer a fat free selection of Wisbits from Master’s gone by:

Punctuality is the virtue of the bored.

            ~ Evelyn Waugh

Childern should be neither seen nor heard from-ever.

            ~W.C. Fields

Chastity is no more virtue than malnutrition.

            ~Alex Comfort

Be careful about reading health books.  You may die of a misprint.

            ~Mark “Mr. Goddamn” Twain

Most people are bothered by those passages of Scripture they do not understand… The ones that bother me are the ones I do understand. 

            ~Mark “Mr. Goddamn” Twain

An ugly girl hates the mirror.

            ~Jap saying

CWM collectible trading card:

Below is a bubblegum card of a Crazy Wisdom Master, print out both parts and consult the instructions for assembly and enjoyment of said card.


Mark Twain was the first man to walk upon the moon, without the aid of spacecraft and lunar boats.  He smoked and drank all time in between writing novels. He eventually went insane and was sent to the Tenn. Elephant Preserve where he still lives to this day.


Card #  6 of Pi Collect all Pi

Instructions for card assembly:

  1. Choose a night when the moon is full.
  2. Cut along lines.
  3. Prepare Sacred adhesive according to Ancient Lore.
  4. Offer younger sibling in blood sacrifice to the gods, as demanded in Ancient Lore.
  5. Join together the two halves.

A Modest Proposal

By Steve “New Hitler” Hitler

Fat people have to be stopped. I don’t mean a few pounds here or there I’m talking you get 2 X’s after your clothes size any more and you are a fatty and must be disposed of.

The fats consume more air, food and water, plus it takes them forever to wash.  Think about the rain forest less burgers per fat ass means more trees.

It is a science fact that fat folks don’t deserve to be loved. All I’m saying is get rid of them and see how good the world becomes before you get all mad and shit.

Demands to fire “Steve ‘New Hitler’ Hitler can be directed to the Gray Haven.


Copyright©2000 The Jester and The Fool