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He Read, She Read

-by Love Will Kill and The Princess

Love Will Kill:  Hey there.  It's us again.  Last time out we gave you a little bit of info on who we are and why we read comics.  This week we're going to fill you in on what comics we actually read.

The Princess: Not that we will only talk about what we currently read.  I'm hoping to really expand my comic universe by writing this column.  I'm easy - I'll pretty much read anything anyone recommends.  And anything with really cool art :)

LWK: All of a sudden I'm realizing just how much more she'll love dating me since I own about 18 kajillion comics...

TP: Yes, we already know I'm in awe of your collection.  Especially Barry Ween: Boy Genius.

LWK:     Ooh, speaking of which, third BW series next year.  Involving monkeys.  And as we all know, monkeys = GOOD HUMOR.

TP:  Yes!  I'm very excited.  When I heard about it, I didn't think it was serious, but I am all about the monkey humor.

LWK:     Let's face it - you're just all about monkeys.

TP:  Yes.  Well, moving on.  To Blair Witch.  With the new movie out, it's a perfect time to reflect on the comics that have come out since the first movie.

LWK:     Gee, skip right to the whole point of the article, why don't ya.  Y'see, mah woman here is nuts over this whole Blair Witch thing.  So when Oni came out with the first Blair Witch comic, I picked up a copy for her.

TP:  And I loved it.  And the comics that have come out based on the story have expanded it so much more.  But the latest comic to come out, oh, go get it!!!  Find it!!  Blair Witch:  Dark Testaments by Image comics.

LWK:     I thought it was serendipitous timing that this story, focusing on a young Rustin Parr, came out at the same time as the Blair Witch: Rustin Parr computer game.  Not something you see all too often these days.

TP:  Which, like a good boyfriend, he bought for me.  Anyway, if you are at all interested in BWP, you simply must get Dark Testament.  

LWK:   What she said.  So what else are you reading these days?

TP:  My new favorite would have to be Ghost Batgirl by Dark Horse comics. I actually was unaware of a Batgirl comic consciously, but had been intrigued by Ghost for a while.  This comic, brings these two characters together beautifully and the art rocks.

LWK:     Mah woman, the corporate super-hero comic book geek.  :-P

TP:  Any comic where girls kick ass is good by me!  And to have ghost super powers would be rad!  

LWK:     I don't think I'd like it if I couldn't touch you.

TP:  Oh, that would be sad.  Happily, it's only in our imagination.

LWK:   True dat.  As to what I've been reading, I guess I've sort of inadvertently gotten caught up in the whole dark and gritty hyper-realistic let's-make-sure-the-men-talk-like-men comics.

TP:  He has a small fascination about being a "real man."  And by small, I mean gigantically big.

LWK: Honey, there hasn't been a real man on God's green Earth since Sam Peckinpah died.  At least there wasn't until Garth Ennis started writing Preacher.  And that's where most of my comics reading lies these days – books like Ennis' Preacher (which I really miss already) and Hitman, crime books like the many, many projects by Brian Michael Bendis, and the way-out wacky stylings of Mr. Warren "Call him Stalin" Ellis.  I still read a ton of super-hero stuff, but it's the dark and gritty that really gets me excited to go to the comic shop every week.

TP:  Anything in particular about these comics that you like?

LWK: Mostly that they feature strong male characters who, even though they may kill people on a regular basis, have a strong set of morals and don't give a damn about being politically correct.

TP:  Yeah, being PC is just...well, damned annoying.  So, do we have anything for next column?  Or we just gonna keep everyone on the edge of their seats to wait and see what we talk about?

LWK:     Depends on what their seats look like.  Next time I think I will juggle obsolete Bendis trades while directing a symphony orchestra with my feet.  Or we could actually talk more about comics.

TP:  Ok, I vote for talking more about comics!

LWK:     Well folks, she's The Princess.  Bow down before her wishes.

* The Princess is simply that.  She has the tiara to prove it.

* LWK is celebrating his birthday this week.  You're all invited.  Bring booze.

Copyright©2000 LWK and The Princess