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Cth's Cryptic Comments


This Space Intentionally Left Blank

by Cth

...Umm, yes, hello.

I suppose an introduction of sorts is in order here. I'll begin by giving you a Cliff Notes version of things, to bring you up to speed, and then go onto the more interesting stuff...

Who are you and why are you here?

Good question. A bit metaphysical but I'll try to answer..

My online moniker is Cth, which is short for Cthulhu.  A mythological being that was the focus of a short story from around the 1920s.  A guy named Howard Phillips Lovecraft was the author in question.


Well, keeping with the Cliff Notes version of things, the guy who bridged the gap between Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King.  He inspired Robert Bloch (author of 'Psycho') and Robert Howard (author of 'Conan') among others to continue his writing. In other words, he was a major player, who at the time, languished in relative obscurity before he died without getting the fame he deserved.  But, enough about that for now..

My real name is Travis W. Howard (yes, for the record I have all "first names" for my name) and I currently reside in Kannapolis, North Carolina which isn't too far from Charlotte which some of you may be aware of.

  Sure, that's great and all, but really.. why are you here and why should I listen to what you have to say?

  Yes, hmm, you get right to the point don't you?  Previously on 'E.R.'...I was and still am a regular poster at the Jinxworld message board. 

The what?

Jinxworld.  To sum up..

(thank you)

It's a place where a lot of people go to hear the latest multimedia news.   It's also a bit like 'Cheers' I'd like to think.   It's hosted by WFComics and Brian Michael Bendis, comic author extraordinarre.

- Wanna know a cool CD to pick up?  Jinxworld.

- Wanna know whether or not the latest DVD releases are worth picking up?  Jinxworld.

  - Wanna know if that new Stephen King book is up to par with the last one?  Jinxworld.

  You get the idea.  These are people I trust not to steer me wrong. It's a loose collection of comic writers/artists, Hollywood film executives, stand up comedians in training, and your occasional nutcase. 

So, why are you here if it's that cool?

Ok, I can see we have to work a bit here..  Andrew invited me as well as a few others to write my own column here based on my past posting history over there.

  Normally, I'm a smart ass and I have been known to write some humorous things.  Sorry if that's not so clear right now, but stick around, you'll see why Andrew trusted me with my own column.

But doesn't everyone have a column these days?

Ouch.  Ok, ok, so I'm late. 

So, again, why?  I'm getting impatient here.. .you sure do ramble a lot I've noticed.

  Alright.  Basically, I've got some thoughts that I'd like to share.  Sometimes it'll be funny. Others, thought provoking. Sometimes, it just might be a list of some cool releases that I think you would appreciate.  But a lot of this depends on you.

Me? Huh? 

In other words, I want feedback.  What works, what doesn't? I won't lie and say I'm accustomed to writing for people I hardly know.  So if you get the urge, drop me a line, let me know what you'd like to see, some of your interests... whatever you think might help.  Plus, if there's a book or film, or CD you think I should give a shot, I'd like to know :)


Cool.  Hey this might be fun. Got anything you think I should check out?


Sure.. here's a few of my current favorite things. Check em out if you get a chance..



[The aforementioned Jinxworld Message Board]



  • From Dusk Til Dawn: Collectors Edition DVD [A great commentary track with Rodriguez and Tarrantino, as well as "Full Tilt Boogie" a film about the whole movie making process]
  • Dark Star [Student film of John Carpenter and Dan O'Bannon (Aliens' author) Sci Fi Satire at it's best.  Plan 9-ish in some ways]
  • Jurassic Park/Lost World: Collectors Edition (widescreen) [Eavesdrop on a pre-production meeting with Steven Spielberg… interesting to experience]



Ultimate Spiderman (Marvel Comics)

[Get a sneek peek at what the upcoming film COULD be like]

Hellblazer (DC Comics)

[Some of the best atmospheric horror to grace the comics field in a long time.  Perfect blend of characterization and art]

Powers (Image Comics)

[Cops and Superheros.  What happens when someone in  tights and cape is murdered?]    

On Writing by Stephen King

Keeper by Greg Rucka 

Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson



Short Music For Short People

[30 second songs by 100+ punk bands]

Squatweiler - Horsepower

[One of those CDs where you like every song from the get-go, no repeated playings needed to enjoy every track]

Hrm, well, I suppose I should be heading out of here.  Er, where is here anyways? Nevermind.

See you in two weeks… homework assignments will be due then.  I'll do my best to reply to everyone who writes in with their comments..


Copyright©2000 Travis W. Howard