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El Dub and The Princess

Love Will Kill (El Dub): One of the biggest things people complain about when it comes to comic books these days is that there are no women reading them.  Of course these are the same people that wouldn't know what a real woman was if one jumped on their face naked, but that's something else entirely.

The Princess: Now, be nice, you used to BE one of those people! Then you met me.

LWK: (For the record, I always known what to do when a woman jumps naked onto my face.  But we digress...)

Princess: Happily, tho, you've also always read comic books.  I say happily, because I wouldn't be interested in them if you hadn't opened my eyes to the industry.

LWK: That's what I'm here for - to help you experience new things.

Princess: (I'm pretty happy you know what to do when I jump naked onto your face, but that's probably too much information)

LWK: Anyway, I'm El Dub.  This here is The Princess.  We're here to talk comics.


LWK: I think we've got a pretty unique perspective on the industry.  I've been reading comics for about 13 years now, and have been involved (however marginally) in almost every aspect of the business.

Princess: And me, I've been reading comics since...well, since Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the comic, was first published.  I've read a few here and there, but that was my first series.

LWK: And we're gonna give our self-proclaimed unique viewpoints on comics here on a bi-weekly basis whether ya like it or not.  So sit back and relax as the Burns and Allen of the comic book set attempts to entertain you with everything that's good about comics.


(the guy's answer)

I like comic books.  This comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me.  I own about as many comics as everyone else I know put together.  I wear comic book-related T-shirts in public.  I have the big frickin' Green Lantern power battery sitting on a shelf above my bed.  I am a big dork when it comes to comics, and I am damned proud of it.  But how did I become a comics fan?  And what is it that keeps me going back and spending gobs of dough at the comic shop every week?

Unlike most hardcore comics fans, I didn't have a lot of comics when I was a kid (read: 7 to 17).  Sure, my folks bought me a few comics when we took a long road trip, but that was about it.  The only comic I collected when I was a kid was Star Wars.  And aside from the spinner rack at the local resort, I didn't have too much exposure to comics for a long time.  So how the heck did I come to amass over 45 long boxes worth of comics?

I blame it all on Craig.

Craig was my first roommate in college.  He was a fun guy, even if he did listen to nothing but U2 all the time.  One night we were bumming around downtown San Luis Obispo, CA, and we wandered by a newsstand that had some comics in the window.  He mentioned that he hadn't read any comics in a while, so he picked up an issue of Web of Spider-Man (the legendary issue where Spidey saves the world by playing touch football with some kids) and a copy of Uncanny X-Men.  He read 'em.  I read 'em.  We read 'em again.  We started talking about comics, and he mentioned that he had a bunch back home.  Then he mentioned which comics he had: Secret Wars.  Kraven's Last Hunt.  Two storylines that I had read parts of back at the resort, but never got to read the endings to the tales.  So he brought 'em out for me.

And it was all over.

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