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Incubus Review

-by dDerek  

Incubus is:

Brandon Boyd-- Vocals

Michael Einziger-- Bass

Dj Kilmore-- Turntables

Dirk Lance -- Guitar

Jose Pasillas II-- Drums

Hey what’s up music goers? Here I am with another review from a favorite band of mine called "Incubus". Incubus is signed to Epic and Immortal Records, bringing the audience three great albums from the years 1996-99. Now for the stats:

The albums:

The very first album that incubus actually put out under a record label was "ENJOY INCUBUS". This was kind of the start out of the band, and has some demo type versions of songs that are featured on the next album made out. This album has 6 tracks on it, and is an album that is really hard to find. Some of the more recognizable tracks on this album would be "You will be a hot dancer" or "Shaft". This album is a really good one for being a first. It has the low but hardcore sounds. Perfect for anyone who likes to dance, or get jiggy wit it!

The second album is called "Science". This album was put out in 1997, under the direction of Immortal records. (Same record label as KoRn) This album has 12 tracks on it, and is defiantly one of those albums that you don’t want to push stop once you’ve started it! Some of the recognizable tracks are "New Skin" or "A certain Shade of green". This album has a different sound hen the first album, but it’s almost the same with the beat of the music, making this a favorite album of mine!

The third and final album out by Incubus is called "Make yourself". This album is defiantly by far my favorite album by these guys. It has13 tracks, and with each song Brandon forces his vocals through each strand of music that is composed onto this album. Some of the more recognizable songs maybe "Pardon Me" or "Make Yourself". This album was the big boom album. By that I mean this album is what got them very popular with audiences around the world. This album has a certain sound that you really cant find nowhere else!

I've seen these guys in concert many of times, and would defiantly recommend that if they come to your area, that you check them out! Go out and get these albums!! You wont regret it!

Until the next review, take care of yourselves, and keep on rockin' in the free world!

Man of Rock


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