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-by dDerek

B. Dez Fafara-- Vocals

Meegs Rascon-- Guitars

Rayna Foss Rose-- Bass

Mike "bug" Cox-- Drums

Hey whatís up music fans?  Iím sorry I havenít been able to get much out to you guys lately, but Iím back and ready to break it up again!

Iím here to tell you guys today, about a band which I love! The band is called COAL CHAMBER. 

These guys have two albums out as of now, and are currently working in the studio working on there third. Their first album was self- titled, Coal Chamber. It has a sound on which they call "Spooky Core Music". Itís got 9 tracks. It even has a hidden track, in which the band is in the recording studio practicing their stuff. The second album, which was released in 99, is called "Chamber Music".  This album has 16 tracks on it. And is also what Dez would call "Spooky Core". While the first album laid down a foundation of tuned-down guitars, agonized vocals, and hip-hop reflected beats, Chamber Music was recognized as being one of the most anticipated albums of the year. This third album doesnít have a name yet, but in an interview found in Metal Edge a while back, Dez said that there going back to their roots of sound. Which is exactly what the band needed. I personally loved there second album, but many others did not, mainly because of the new sound, but in my opinion, I think there going to rip the year apart with there new album and make a huge comeback.

Iíve seen these guys in concert as well, about 4 times, and each time they put on the show, its like i have seen them for the first time. Somethingís always new. And they totally interact with the fans! When I was waiting out by there tour bus, Dez walked by me because of an interview he had to go to, but his words to us as he walked on the bus were "I owe everything to you guys, Iím nothing with out you, and I love all of you." This meant a lot to me, because most bands donít turn to their fans and say something like that. 

So, to cut this apart, I think you guys should check out Coal Chamber and experience the joy that I have had with their music over the past 4 years. And if Coal Chamber is ever in your area, I would HIGHLY recommend that you guys check them out!

Thatís it for now. Take care of yourselves, and I hope you guys have a Happy Holiday. With 2001 around the corner, many new CDs will be coming out, and new bands popping up as well. 


Music Reflector

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