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[Editor’s note:  Due to the holidays, I didn’t think it’d be fair to everyone to ask them to do a W.A.R. for this update.  To compensate for this, I’ll be doing a huge W.A.R. this time – 39 issues or so.  This is where I’d normally make some World War Joke but I’m nearing a deadline, so maybe later ;)  Either way, thanks for all the feedback so far, keep it coming in.  Also, suggestions for anyone you want to guest review are welcome also.  Either email or post on the board! - Cth]

Cth's W.A.R. (Word Association Review)

Americas Best Comics 64 pg Special – Chockfull of heady goodness

The Authority - Armageddon

Batman: Detective (Officer Down 1) – 3 In the Back

Black Widow (2 of 3) – Face Off

Cap: Universe X Special – Funeral for a Friend

The Coffin (2 of 3) – Jacobs Ladder

Daredevil: Ninja (2 of 3) – Paging Mr. Jackie Chan

Deadenders – So long, farewell

Fantastic Four – IT RETURNS!  Nostalgia galore!

Fantastic Four: Worlds Greatest (1 of 12) – Kirby Furby

Hellblazer – What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

Hellspawn – Bitter Pill To Swallow

Hitman – Taps Anyone?

The Incredible Hulk – SuperSopranos

Hulk Smash – Hulk Smashed!

Jenny Sparks (5 of 5) – Coincidence?

JLA – Wicked Witch

JLA vs. Predator – The horror! The horror!

Killraven-  Nostalgia Take 2

Midnight Nation - Storytime

Mindhunter (AliensPredatorWitchbladeDarkness) – Where’s Robocop and Terminator?

Peter Parker - Tearjerker

Planetary – League of Extraordinary Homages

Powers – Where’s Dungeonmaster?

Promethea – Triple Word Score!

The Punisher (11 of 12) – I Did It All For Ma Gnucci.. Ma Gnucci

Red Star – Ghost Of Futures Present

Rising Stars – Family Reunion

Sentry/FF – Waiting for the other shoe to drop..

Sentry/Spiderman – Pultizer Prize Winning Photo

Sentry/X-Men – Learning To Fly

Strangers In Paradise – She Did WHAT?!  He did WHAT?!

Thunderbolts – Scourge & Sacrifice

Tomorrow Stories – A Musical?!

Tom Strong – Story Arc!!

Ultimate Spiderman – Teen Tragedy

Ultimate X-Men – Speeding Reading and Terrorism Made Easy

Universe X (5 of ??) – Rocket Racoon?!

Young Justice – Kirbee’s Adventure or Kirby Furby


The Blurbs

Americas Best Comics 64 pg Special – Alan Moore gives you the best bang for the buck..  a plethora of ideas in every issue!

The Authority – Millar tops himself with each issue.  The stakes are high and so is the action!

Batman: Detective (Officer Down 1) – Rucka continues to pull aside the curtain and show us how detectives really are.  Some of the best characterization in comics can be found within these pages!

Black Widow (2 of 3) – Each issue reads like the page of a screenplay.. Scott Hampton drives this home with his amazing visuals!  A great read!

Cap: Universe X Special – Krueger gives Cap what he’s always wanted and takes the reader on an emotional ride that has to be experienced for yourself!

The Coffin (2 of 3) – Phil Hester shows he can write as well if not better than he draws.  Huddleson assists with some very cinematic visuals that give this horror story a distinct atmosphere.  Don’t miss this series!  Get it before Hollywood does!

Daredevil: Ninja (2 of 3) – The team of Bendis and Hayes continue to give us the most fun Daredevil seen in a long time.  You literally feel in the middle of a Jackie Chan flick reading this comic..

Deadenders – Brubaker delivers yet another superb issue, revealing another brick in the wall.  It’s never too late to enjoy this series, you owe it to yourself to see what all the online buzz is about!

Fantastic Four – Pachelo and Loeb do what was previous thought impossible.. brought wonder and nostalgia back to the title reminding everyone why this is “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine!”

Fantastic Four: Worlds Greatest (1 of 12) – Larsen shows his love of nostalgia with this “fantastic” series and is aided by some of today’s best nostalgic artists.  It hasn’t been this great since Lee and Kirby!  Get in on the ground floor on the event of year from Marvel!

Hellblazer – Azzarello continues to show how much he thoroughly understands Constantine.  Dillion picks up right where he left off previously, showing his true mastery.

Hellspawn – The team of Bendis and Wood write another penultimate chapter in this soon to be missed series.  Some of the best urban horror storytelling seen in a long time.

Hitman – McCrea and Leach brilliant art and shadowing complement Ennis’s masterful script in this chapter of the series closing arc.  You owe it to yourself to give this series a read..

The Incredible Hulk – Jenkins and Hotz give us another fun filled Sopranos inspired story.  Hotz’s shadowy art adds just the right amount of urban crime feel to this story, without being distracting.   Check out rising star Hotz’s art before he’s snatched up by another title!

Hulk Smash – Ennis and McCrea show that Hitman isn’t a fluke.  Ennis has an excellent grasp of military patriotism and what it means when a soldier is faced with cowardice.

Jenny Sparks (5 of 5) – Millar gives us the final glimpse into the Authority’s past preparing us for the future as we never expected to see.

JLA – Brilliantly inspired homaging to the fables and legends this arc owes its roots to.  Don’t miss the cinematic stylings of Hitch and Neary! 

JLA vs. Predator – Umm.. interesting take on the Predators if they were JLA’ers, unfortunately it falls into many pitfalls and poor execution.

Killraven-  Lisner’s debut shows why he’s the much sought after artist he is.  Lisner’s storytelling also exhibits a strong love of nostalgia.  THE FANS WANT MORE!  Are you listening Marvel? J

Midnight Nation – Straczynski’s storytelling skills are evident from page one..  If you’re not a fan of JMS, get this series, you soon will be.. 

Mindhunter (AliensPredatorWitchbladeDarkness) – A perfect blend of each respective character’s background makes this convoluted series actually work.  Each series’s atmosphere gets equal screentime, and is another great FOX property crossover.

Peter Parker – Paul Jenkins understands characters.  He zeroes right in to the core of a character, pulls it out and makes you empathize.  He adds another amazing scene to the Green Goblin/Gwen Stacy tragedy that’s unforgettable.

Planetary – Ellis manages to surprise yet again with another twist on a familiar idea.  Another piece to the mystery of Elijah Snow is revealed, pick this issue up if you’re a fan of early 20th century horror masterpieces.

Powers – Oeming and Garrahy prove once again to be the best art team in comics today!  If you only read one series, this is the one you should be getting.  From the story, to the art, to the letters column, no space is left unturned.  See the series everyone is raving about!

Promethea – Guaranteed to be the most ideas per page since Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.  Discover up and coming artist JH Williams III and see why his art complements Moore’s script perfectly.  Each issue has to be absorbed/experienced and stays with you.

The Punisher (11 of 12) – On the eve of destruction, Ennis provides yet another hilarious Tarrantino-esque fight in this eye-popping series.  Spread the word.. Punisher is back, he’s pissed, and better than ever!

Red Star – The Red Star team chronicles another ominous issues in the great saga of the Soviets.  The other shoe drops and more of the larger picture is revealed..  Another series that you MUST read if you’re not already!

Rising Stars – JMS weaves threads effortlessly and proves why he’s one of the industry’s most sought after writers.  Remember Watchmen and Squadron Supreme?  Ever wish you got on at the beginning?  Now you can..

Sentry/FF – Jenkins excels at nostalgia, even when it doesn’t exist in the regular comic universe.  This story fits in effortlessly in Marvel’s convoluted chronology and has a great silver age feel to it.

Sentry/Spiderman – See why Jenkins is the perfect choice for writing Spiderman with this glimpse into the Sentry’s past.

Sentry/X-Men – Is there any character Jenkins’ doesn’t understand?  Another great addition to the X-Men mythos, chronicling what it means to be a hero.

Strangers In Paradise – Terry Moore provides a perfect tying up of loose ends that’s both a tearjerker and heartwarming.  Hands down some of the best writing in independent comic writing today!

Thunderbolts – Niceza continues his magic on this title, making it look easy.  Storylines are seemingly pulled out of nowhere and turn into something else before our eyes.  A very magical experience that you have to see to believe.

Tomorrow Stories – Alan Moore gives us another inspired look at fairy tales that you shouldn’t miss! 

Tom Strong – Another great storyline from the team of Moore and Sprouse.  Tom Strong remains one of ABC’s best series when it keeps to the larger storylines.

Ultimate Spiderman – Bendis and Bagley make you feel Peter’s loss right deep down inside.  You truly understand how Peter feels due to the spot on speech and heartfelt depictions that the team provides.   Why not tell someone about this title today, they’ll be glad you did..

Ultimate X-Men – Millar steps up to the challenge of crafting another reincarnation of the X-men.  Reminiscent of both Days of Future Past, and today’s headlines, Millar gives the war between Xavier and Magneto a depth that hasn’t been around for a long time. 

Universe X (5 of ??) – Krueger continues to give us reasons for a Marvel Universe reboot and why he should be the one to do it.  Krueger truly understands the core of each character he writes and weaves a normally difficult cast effortlessly. 

Young Justice – Peter David does the impossible, he makes a team of kids believable and hilarious without patronizing.  If you’ve felt the characters were unbelievably portrayed in their own titles, give this title a shot.  Also, a hilarious Darkside cameo in this issue!

Whew.. thanks for making it this far!  Tune in next update when we might have some surprise guest stars!  Until then, keep reading and posting your comments!


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