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GHM Staff Top Book Picks For 2000


Erich Schoeneweiss




Cth’s Top Books of 2000

1.  New Frontier: Requiem/Renaissance/Restoration (trilogy) – Peter David

2.  Cryptonomicon – Neal Stephenson

3.  Titus Crow – Brian Lumley

4.  Illuminati Trilogy – Robert A. Wilson

5.  On Writing – Stephen King 

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The Year in Books

-by Erich Schoeneweiss


Now this is scary…never ever thought I’d be writing a Best Books of the Year Column.  I was the guy in high school and college who read Cliff’s Notes for everything.  Than one day I wound up working for a publishing company and now make a living getting the best sellers put together.  So, free books meant maybe I should puck one of them up every once in a while.

NOTE: This is more of a Best of what I actually read this year, some of these may not have been actually originally published this year.

5 and 4) I read two Elmore Leonard novels this year.  This guy just cracks me up.  He always writes about characters I’d like to sit and watch while drinking a whiskey or two in the back of a bar.  Be Cool is the sequel to Get Shorty and chronicles Chili Palmer’s emergence as a music producer.  The usual mixture of gangsters and Hollywood heavy weights.  While not as good as Shorty it was still a fun read.  Leonard’s new novel, Pagan Babies was quite fun. It’s a story of revenge with priests (or are they?), missionaries, gangsters of all types, and a comedian.  Another fun read.  His books are very cinematic (maybe why so many of them have popped up on the silver screen in the past few years).

3) The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe / C.S. Lewis

I was jonesing hardcore for that fourth Potter novel.  Totally pulling a Pookey, “The shit was calling me man!”.  So I decided to grab the Lewis book off my shelf.  I had read the whole Narnia series when I was a kid and these are the only books I actually held on to.  My intention was to reread all of them. I only read the first and than drank myself silly for a couple of weeks.  But man was it a great read.  All the adventure and excitement I remember as a kid was still there and it didn’t read like a kid’s book.  Come next summer when I’m hungry for Potter 5 I may just fulfill my intention and reread the rest of them.

2) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire / J.K. Rowling

We waited in anticipation for months and months.  Rumors flowed like wine about what the title would be and that someone was going to die.  My God, was she going to kill off Ron or Hermione?  We had many a drunken debate over who might die and what the consequences might be is such an action occurred.  Than the book hit, and with a huge thud as the thing was gianormous!  We all hide away with our copies.  Tearing through page after page with excitement.  The  Quidditch match was incredible and just whet my appetite to see this on screen.  The tournament was great.  Intrigue, mystery, scandal, romance, betrayal, heroism…this book has it all!  What a great read.  And she set it up for who knows what.  A huge battle between good and evil?  Dumbledore marshalling all the forces of good to take on He Who Shall Not Be Named.  Godd God….three more books to go and I can’t stand the wait.


1)      Never Mind Nirvana / Mark Lindquist

This book was a blast and a half to read.  The adventures of a mid-thirties prosecutor in Seattle who can’t quit let go of his days in a local rock band during the whole “Seattle sound” period.  Sex, booze, drugs, a rock-n-roll history lesson, and a lot of angst made this my favorite book of the year.  I can’t recommend this book enough.

Author of the Year: Greg Rucka

If I had counted this guy’s books they would have taken up 4 of the 5 slots (and I read all four of the books in about a month’s time).  This guy is writing the most balls to the wall action series of books out there right now.  I identify with his characters and care about them.  I can’t say enough about how much I’ve enjoyed reading Greg Rucka’s series of Atticus Kodiak novels.  Keeper, Finder, Smoker, and Shooting At Midnight are exciting, painful, funny, touching, and adventurous.  You finish one and can’t wait to pick the next one up.  He’s bringing the international assassin Drama back in his fifth Atticus novel Critical Space (which happens to be the book I am most anticipating in 2001). 

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LWK’s Top Books of 2000

You mean REAL books?!?  I don’t think I’ve read a real book this year that wasn’t a computer manual or was a Star Wars or Trek book.  I don’t like this subject.  How about a category like...


1 -  Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

2 -  Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

3 -  Guinness Stout

4 -  Arrogant Bastard Ale

5 -  Sierra Nevada Wheat Beer

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Mike’s Can’t Read Books Without Pictures:

-by Mike Yaremko

Again, nothing that came out last year. I’ve still got a list of books I was supposed to read in high school and college that I’m planning to (someday) get to. . . .  Joseph Heller’s “Catch-22” is really good, you should all read it; Pearl Buck’s “The Good Earth” is pretty good; I like “Light in August” by Faulkner; “Slaughter-House Five,” too.

Mike’s Editorial Note: Oh, God. I spend all my time reading comic books and watching T.V.,  and if I dare to venture out of very fashionable hovel, it’s just to go see a movie. So, what do I look forward to in the new year? Getting a life, I guess. Any kind would be fine.

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Webmistress / Carrie Michael's Top Books of 2000

Here's a list of great books I have either read or am in the process of reading (no particular order).  These books are not all "new" for 2000, only new to me.

  • 'Tis: A Memoir - Frank McCourt (This is the continuation of Angela's Ashes)

  • The Te Of Piglet - Benjamin Hoff

  • River, Cross My Heart - Breena Clarke

  • The Screwtape Letters - C.S. Lewis

  • This Far By Faith - Linnie Frank and Andria Hall

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