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Robin Year One Review

-by Andrew Goletz

Rating: 9 out of 10

'Robin: Year One' deals with the adventures of the original boy wonder, Dick Grayson, during his first year as Batman's partner.

Chuck Dixon can write a great Robin story. We know that. He writes wrote the successful Robin mini-series (featuring Robin #3, Tim Drake) and continues writing the monthly Robin story.  He also writes the continuing adventures of Dick Grayson every month in 'Nightwing'.  On this mini, the equally talented Scott Beatty teams with Mr.Dixon to tell perhaps the greatest Robin tale yet. With the book only 2 issue into its 4 issue run, calling it the definitive Robin story may be premature, but based on these two issues, I donít think Iím taking that big of a gamble. The writing is pretty much flawless in the first two issues. Beatty and Dixon manage to capture the wonder, excitement and anxiety that it would be like to actually be Batman's sidekick, flying through the skies above Gotham at night and juggling school issues during the day.

Using Alfred as almost a point of conscience, the writers are able to show the stark contrast between Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, both in the way they handle their private lives and how they fight crime during the night. This isn't a particularly unique concept. Heck, the team of Dark Victory did it themselves, but Dixon and Beattyís approach is the key. They have a comfort level and familiarity with the characters which enables them to peel the layers off, and reveal them to the reader as precisely as anyone else could hope. 

Javier Pulidoís art is the only thing Iím not 100% sold on. Itís not Ďbadí by any means and it doesnít cause me to squint my eyes while reading, but to me it just isnít the right fit for the story. That said, it still isn't enough to take away from the wonderful qualities of this series. And I couldnít name a replacement artist off the top of my head that I believe could improve upon Pulido.                                                                                                 

In the current issue, #2, weíre finally treated to the revelation of what exactly the much talked about Ďdouble gallows trapí was. Itís a revelation that hits hard and makes up for the years of teasing and allusion and may make you question you feelings of Batman having a young partner. The writers pull no punches with this one and Iím anxious to see what happens next.

'Robin: Year One' is another terrific miniseries in a year that's had a lot of them and itíll be a great way to wind down a banner year for comics. If youíre a fan of the character, this book delivers and will make you proud. If you donít like the idea of a ĎRobiní, check this out anyway. This series should change your mind.

Scott Beatty, Chuck Dixon: Writers  

Javier Pulido: Penciller

 Robert Campanella: Inker

4 Issue Prestige Series Available Monthly from DC Comics 

Copyright©2000 GrayHavenMagazine and contributors