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Livid Review

Livid is:
Sizzo- vocals
Smokie- Bass
Jim "Fu**er"- Drums
Vayper- Guitar

Livid replaces meaningless music, utilizing all its wasted power, and presents the courage music needed to create a new level of awareness. A new breed of poetry enveloped in a fresh style of noise feeding audiences striving for togetherness and those who lack the knowledge to change, hungry!

Livid is comprised of four musicians from four worlds, which helps maintain their unique approach to each and every song they create. Hailing from Southern California, they have spent the past year perfecting their art, which is gaining them their much-deserved respect. Generating a buzz via the Street Teams from California to New Zealand is taking Livid to the next level where they need to be!

Livid's live show has been characterized as one of the most potent to show face in many years. Livid's moody dynamics are accentuated by four individuals who perform their songs with the utmost energy moving like no other band. The crowds sing along to the hook of Canker Sore and tear into a ferocious frenzy during El Diablo. Livid has been fortunate to land such coveted opening spots for heavyweights such as Soulfly, Machinehead, System of a Down, Coal Chamber, Snot, Spineshank, and Hed(pe). With new material like Godsend and Shame on You, they prove that there are no limitations to what Livid can do musically. Listen and Learn!

That section basically raps it up into one word... WOW. These guys have a sound like no other! I strongly urge everyone to check them out at! Here you can check out concert pictures and hear their latest sounds! I flew out to L.A. to check Livid out at a CD release party. Hundreds showed up for this event. The night started out with other bands getting the crowd hyped for Livid. Once the lights went off and the candles were lit, Livid's music instantly started, and a frenzy generated in the crowd. A memory that will be kept with me for a lifetime! I would recommend to everyone, that if your in the L.A. area, to check out Livid in concert! So remember to check out to find out where Livid is playing and if you like what you hear, sign the guest book!

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