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Deftones Review

Chino Moreno- Vocals and Guitar  
Abe Cunninghan- Drums  
Chi Cheng- Bass  
Frank Delgado- Turntables  
Stephen Carpenter- Lead Guitar

What's up? dDerek here with another music review on one of my favorite bands: The Deftones. The way to basically describe their music would be "A phat sound with a twist". The Deftones are from California and have done several songs with bands like KoRn; one of the songs being "Wicked".

Their first CD was called "Adrenaline". Which came out in 1995 on Maverick records. Their second CD, called "Around the fur" came out in 1997 still under Maverick. And finally the newest CD "White Pony" came out this year (2000). All the albums have a different sound in my opinion, both unique and tight.

These guys put on one of the best shows that I have seen. They include about 4 songs into their set, and once the lights go out and the note on the guitar is strung, the crowd goes nuts! At some points Chino, lead vocals, will come up to the people who are in the front row, and will hold his microphone in their face and let the people sing some of the verses. It’s definitely very cool! I would suggest that if you are a huge Deftones fan that you go check them out if they come to your area. And if you have never heard of the Deftones, I would say to go check them out. They put on one of the best shows in the hard-core music listings.

About each of the albums:


Like I said before, this CD came out in 1995. This is my second out of the three. This CD has well known songs on it like "One Weak" and "7 Words". If you like the screams and hard-core of the music. I would suggest this CD to you!

Around The Fur:

This CD came out in 1997. This would be my third favorite out of the three. Some of the well known songs on this CD would be "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" or "My Own Summer (Shove It)". This CD is so similar to the first one, with the screams and hard-core music. I would definitely suggest this CD!

White Pony:

This is the newest CD, coming in as First in my books. This CD contains a wide range of sound. From songs like "Elite", which is hard-core, to "Teenage", which shows the softer side of Chino. If loudness was 5 stars and 1 star being soft, I would rank this CD as being ****. At times being hard and soft at other times.

Well, there you have it. For all, I would definitely recommend checking out the Deftones. And remember if they are in your area, it's so worth the 15-18 dollars to see them! That's all for now. KoRn will be the next review. Until then stay cool and keep rocking! If you want to check out more on the Deftones be sure to check out or .

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