-by Steve Wozny


Someday you’ll come along

And we’ll find it right

Sing that same happy song

And fade off into the light


I was never there

You were never here

We missed each other

Neither wanted to smother


You were so cold

Because I, never bold

To say the way

I felt every day


It is so bad

Ludicrously bad

It can be

Preposterous, if it adheres


Nothing special

No one to impress

Just sketchy feelings

No call. No distress.


Plain and simple.

No fancy style.

Not even rhyming

It takes too long


Then why keep moving

Forging ahead

What is the point?

Would you rather be dead?


Where does all of this leave us

Nothing gained Nor lost

Is there a lesson

Not quite


So why are you moving

And pushing your way

No particular reason

The reason why you stay

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