The Man I Have Loved

-by Kristina Smith


I have loved this man for so long and Iím sad

                                                         Because of the distance between us weíve had

We once were together as two kids in love

                                                         But now we can hardly find things to speak of

Heís so handsome and brilliant and he was my man

                                                         I would give up my life just to see him again

My feelings so strong for him; I think Iíll die

                                                         I get sad and upset, and then start to cry

He wanted to kiss me, and I wanted him to

                                                         Iíve wanted him for so long and now I still do

I want him to kiss me for hours on end  

                                                         If he only did this, then my heartbreak would mend

Yet he cares not for my heart, how it suffers such pain

                                                         Due to many empty promises time and time again

Even so, my love lives in the air for eternity

                                                         For this man who does not deserve someone like me

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