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A Philosophy for a Successful Life
taken and adapted by Veronica Wiegand

To live; to learn; to love and be loved;

To share, and to give what I have to give.

To live—

To participate enthusiastically in all life has to offer,

To face life’s challenges with all the courage and faith I can muster,

To achieve all that is in my heart 

and in all facets of my hopes and desires,

To live as an indominable spirit—unstoppable

A life with purpose, touching others, and rich in memories and experiences.

To learn—

Each and every day

To be able to turn challenges, setbacks and defeats

Into new and glorious opportunities

To pass on to others the joys and rewards of the perpetual pursuit of knowledge and experience,

To recognize that I know not all, and accept every encounter as a chance to gain insight, knowledge and inspiration.

To maintain always an open mind, receptive to opportunity and new perspectives.

To love and be loved—

Completely and unconditionally all the souls I meet along with way,

To grasp the virtues of patience, confidence, respect and respectability,

To have faith in others and in myself,

To trust and be trustworthy,

To believe in the integrity of others, to praise their accomplishments, encourage their efforts, and bless them for their example.

To share—

All that I am.

To be a cheerleader for those who are struggling to be better than they are,

To support them in their struggle, knowing that sharing their difficulty lightens the load of my own obstacles,

To befriend others who are moving in positive directions, friendships which keep our lives in focus,

To share laughter, those gems of human interaction; tears, that spontaneous relief of human frustration and frailty; and success, honoring all those who contributed to it.

For no one succeeds in life alone.

To give what I have to give—

Knowing that all I can give will be returned tenfold, and from unexpected places.

Those unexpected gifts, treasures beyond price,

Will forever keep my life an exciting and wonderful journey.  

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