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It’s a Fun World, After All?

Yo Ho, homies-

See what ya all missed at Disney's Gay Day circa 6.3.2K?

Nuns clinging to rosary beads on a bench off Main Street; same-sex couples wearing "his" and "her" Mickey ears ala bow-tie and veil adornments; bewildered families whisking their children away from those couples; hairy bears and leather daddies meet in front of The Country Bear Jamboree (a new Frontier?); straight couples walking arm and arm for dear life, but wearing ALL red (what's THAT about?); The Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room turns Adventure Land into a giant gay bar; suddenly there's an extra passenger on your second and third Space Mountain ride; a human chain outside Cinderella's castle performs "Hello Dolly" in unison...badly; people go into The Swiss Family Robinson with no need to "come out"; overly-friendly tram operators and custodians ask you if you're having fun and even tell the "Who did Tigger find in the toilet?" joke because, at last, everyone is "family"; George Washington is smiling a bit more in The Hall of Presidents; the SkyRide is closed (I wonder why); the fireworks' rainbow of colors seems more vivid than ever before; for the first time in a year, MGM is out of stock on Indiana Jones whips; and, finally, there's The Mad Tea Cup Suck-Off. (Just kidding. I'm sorry. That was fowl. Did I just spell fowl like poultry? Zazu from "The Lion King" is a fowl. But, boy, was Nala roaring on Saturday!)

Me, I just wanted to check out the new "Winnie The Pooh" ride and see if I miss Mr. Toad as much as I miss 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. (I don't, but then my honey dependency makes me biased.) I was also on the hunt for some material for a truly killer play. That, I found- with the highly dramatic company around me being the most idiosyncratic cast of characters an off-Broadway show could hope for. "Six Fags' Great Adventure", indeed!

My New York partner in crime and rent (Hi Cheri!; she was Kanga in a past life) is excited that my return home coincides with the start of Gay Pride Week in The Village. But I may have experienced all the gay pride I'll ever need over the weekend. At least to write a really phat play.

The coolest thing about being at The Magic Kingdom on Gay Day was how free all this YOUNG LOVE looked. It's a small world after all, I guess, and I couldn't help but think back to the times my first boyfriend and I visited Disney World. It wasn't "Gay Day" and we certainly weren't holding hands, but I wondered if people saw the same love in our eyes that I witnessed. "Oh, you got the new Bumblebee Pooh!," I chortled to one androgynous waif with no teeth. "Yup, I'M Pooh," she countered. "And that's my Chris [Christopher Robin]." The "Chris" she was pointing to had no teeth either, but think of their Tarpon Springs sufferage!

It's not every day that homosexuals get to BE just THEMSELVES, one or more persons minus the society-driven need for a public and private self from each of us. Perhaps if gay people could hold hands in the grocery store without thinking twice about it, more same-sex couples would know each other better. In that best-case scenario, you can bet your bottom dollar that more gay relationships would work. Ignorant people of the world might better distinguish a "sexual disease" from two people caring for each other. And more lonely people would get to express and experience love the way their hearts tell them to.

Okay, so this is a Rodgers & Hammerstein pipe dream. Kinda like the end of cigarette manufacturing in America or a ban on cruelty to animals. But if we can't have the grocery store, at least we have Manhattan and a fleeting day at Disney World.

Thanks for letting me share,


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